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December update: New features & improvements

Since launching Protern.io last month, our team has been hard at work. We’ve been building new features and making improvements to the platform.

The Protern.io team was able to use Protern.io with a number of national teams at Panorama and Lake Louise.

Everyone was excited about what our product can do. We got some great feedback from coaches and athletes. We’ve since used this feedback to make our product better.

Skiing Test Run
On-hill testing with athletes and coaches. Instantly know what to change for the next run.

Here’s some new features we’ve delivered:

  • Group results by run number or by athlete name. In both cases, runs are sorted from fastest to slowest.

  • Filter athlete results by gender. Useful if you want to compare specific athletes.

  • New metrics to view per run. Average speed, max speed and instantaneous speed (speed at gate).

  • Share quantriq report details between coaches on the same team.

  • Upload new sessions from a file (TCX and others). Handy if you have data from other sources that you want to analyze with Protern.io.

New features include tools to filter athlete results by gender and additional metrics per run: Average speed, max speed and instant speed.

We also rolled out improvements including:

  • Enhancements to the CSV file when you choose to export your data.

  • Addition of athlete initials to runs on the geo-hero map. See who was fastest where.

  • Upgrades to the Protern.io Android app.

  • Optimized the speed of our software. Protern.io now loads faster. This is noticeable when you’re on the hill and connected to a mobile network.

Athlete initials appear on the geo-hero map so you can see who was fastest where on the course.

We hope you enjoy these updates. All are currently available to Protern.io customers.

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