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Five ways to train better and ski faster with Protern.io

Since launching Protern.io in December, we’ve watched the world’s best alpine ski teams use our product to improve athlete performance. We’ve heard from customers that Protern.io changes how you coach and train. With our lightweight sensor and easy-to-use software, Protern.io inspires innovation. This can mean new ways of thinking for skiers, coaches and athletic/high performance directors. Below are five strategies that will help you get the most of your investment in Protern.io.

1. Compare each athlete to themselves

Protern.io makes it easy to see how an individual athlete’s changes help them to improve their skiing. While we still display how an athlete compares to other team-mates, you can also use Protern.io to understand how line choice or a different technique impacts their results. If you are using Protern.io “live” with our Android mobile app, these results are shown to you only seconds after a run is over. A skier can go up the T-bar or chairlift and, on a phone or tablet see exactly what happened where on the course. They can make changes for their next training run.

2. Ski at race speed during training

Sometimes skiers will train at speeds slower than in a race situation. This is helpful for various reasons, but skiing at race speed can also help better prepare you for competition. Protern.io allows a coach to check if an athlete is skiing at race speed throughout a training run. This can aid in building confidence and trust in one’s abilities when race day comes.

3. Focus on sections of a course where skiers can improve

With Protern.io, you can build a quantriq and get objective data about how a skier performs in a certain section, or sections of the course. This is beneficial if there is a section where the athlete struggles or loses speed. There may be a jump followed by a series of quick turns where the skier is particularly challenged. Protern.io makes it simple to understand how changes to their approach and position impact performance through the section, and the sections that follow.

4. Watch how different lines impact skier speed and times

Earlier this month, we rolled out a new feature called Lines. Lines gives teams the ability to understand how different routes through a section affect speeds further down the course. Using Protern.io, a coach and athlete can see how line choices you make impact your overall finish time. You can compare line choices from other runs, whether from only that athlete or others to see where differences add up.

5. Monitor and analyze performance over the entire season

Being able to monitor and analyze how an athlete is performing over the entire ski season is something that Protern.io is designed to do. Not only do we display metrics for speed (average, maximum and instant speed) but we include options for distance travelled and heart rate. You can pair a heart rate monitor with a Protern.io account to capture the values. To be able to analyze, based on data collected over months of usage why a skier is or is not improving is vital to coaching and long-term athlete performance.

Now is the time to improve

These are some of the insights we’ve gained while observing and listening to the world’s best coaches, athletes and teams use Protern.io. If you have suggestions or questions about these strategies, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@protern.io. Protern.io is available now. Get started >

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