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Protern Sync Mobile App for iPhones

The Protern Sync iPhone app has arrived!

Just in time for the holidays, the iPhone and iPad users can now sync their sensors on the hill. 

To use your iPhone or iPad you will need to do the following:

  1. Upgrade your Protern.io Sensor firmware
  2. Download the iOS app 

Updating the Protern.io Sensor firmware

Your sensor(s) will need to be upgraded to be compatible with the iOS app. You will need the following to upgrade:

Using the Protern Sync iOS app

Connect your sensors and sync

The new Protern Sync iOS app lets you quickly connect to your sensors and sync the data to your Protern.io account. 

Use it for yourself, or sync all your athletes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need to upgrade?

The iOS app requires the new firmware to connect to the sensor and it will give an error if an older version of the firmware is detected. All sensors shipped prior to December 24th, 2021 will need upgrading.

I have an Android phone, do I still need to upgrade?

You only need to upgrade if you plan on using an iPad or iPhone to sync your sensors.

Can I use more than one phone to sync the sensors?

Yes. Just make sure the sensors are associated to the same athletes in each app.

Can I use an iPad?

Yes. Currently the app will load in the size of an iPhone. Expect in early January an update that takes advantage of the bigger iPad screen.

I don't have a Windows PC, can I use a Mac or my phone to upgrade the sensors?

We are working a Mac version of the updater, but it will not be ready until later in the new year. At this point the sensors can not be updated over a phone.

How long does it take to update the sensors?

It takes about 30 seconds per sensor to upgrade.

Can I use the app to see the results?

Not yet, but the next update to the mobile apps will be to view quantriqs in the app. 

There is no "Start Session" button in the iOS app. What's up?

If you have used the Android app, you will notice on your iPhone that you no longer have to start and end a session to sync sensors.

You can just click sync.

We will be updating the Android app in the new year with this change too.

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