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Protern.io to launch at World Cup, expected to change how alpine skiers train

26 November, 2019 (Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada)Protern.io is ready to launch and will make its debut supporting its first subscriber, the renowned Swiss national alpine ski team, at the Lake Louise Audi FIS Ski World Cup starting on November 30th. The Swiss athletes and coaches are relying on the Protern.io, a cutting-edge sports training software, to provide data analysis that has the potential to improve their performance in a sport where split-second differences can separate the winners from the rest of the field.

“We have been working closely with the Protern.io team to maximize the benefit of this software and data,” said Björn Bruhin Head of Swiss-Ski Research and Development. “The information we are able to capture, coupled with the simplicity and speed with which we can get it, is way beyond anything we have had access to before. We see this changing how people train for alpine skiing.”

Developed by Proskida, Protern.io may prove to be the breakthrough training tool that alpine skiing has long been waiting for. Protern.io’s power is its ability to monitor an athlete’s performance data in real-time and present the most relevant information to the coach. Unlike current technology that simply provides a data dump of the entire training session, Protern.io lets users identify and isolate information that’s important to them. This then allows the coach and athlete to clearly, quickly and accurately identify opportunities for change to increase performance.

“It’s exciting to see two years of research and development now being put into action. We committed to developing technology that was well beyond what existed and also what coaches and athletes needed,” stated Proskida CEO Alastair Smith. “I believe we have done that. The fact that it is accessible and scalable means it will open doors for national and regional coaches, elite and developing athletes. We expect that we will be able to build on this Alpine Skiing version to create the same advantages for endurance sports, like cycling, in the near future.”

Protern.io is the product of Proskida, a technology startup located in Canada’s Yukon territory. Proskida’s focus is advanced sport technology software that makes coaching more efficient and improves athlete performance. Its latest product, Protern.io, is targeted to alpine skiing. To use the product the athlete requires a sensor and a monthly subscription to the software. The small sensor is placed on the athlete and tracks location and speed in real time, multiple times per second, for unprecedented access to run data.

“Our goal is always to see our athletes improve. Protern.io allows us access to information that we can analyze and incorporate into an athlete’s training,” says Beat Tschuor, head coach of Swiss-Ski’s women’s alpine ski team. “It has tangible, immediate benefits, way beyond splits and simple times. That’s what we need to win in a sport that can come down to a single hundredth of a second.”

Protern.io is available now and Smith expects to be providing consultations and demos over the next number of weeks, including at the Grand Prix Migros in Davos and Obersaxen in Switzerland. In the meantime, the company says an endurance version is on the horizon.

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Based in Canada’s Yukon, Proskida was founded in 2015 and specializes in the development of advanced sport performance measurement technology.

Proskida is committed to developing products that make training more efficient and enhance athlete performance faster by providing accurate, applicable and understandable data.

Proskida’s technology is used by the world’s top ski nations.

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