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Used by Athletes in 20+ Countries

Train Smarter. Improve Faster.

Protern is a GPS based analysis platform for alpine skiing.

Speed analysis. Unlimited splits. Enhanced video. Easy workflow.

Alpine ski training is now in the digital age. 

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Introducing your new superpower.

Detailed data anywhere on the ski course

See the gates where time was lost, you are no longer limited to one split time. You can understand how different skiers carry their speed through the run with precision to 0.14 km/h.

Access powerful information that until now, has been hidden.

So easy to use, itʼs used.

Turn on the sensor and go. 

Within a minute of turning on, the Protern Sensor starts collecting data. Ski the course, and while on the chairlift back up, use the app to sync the sensor and set the splits.

Individual athletes and busy coaches can get precise timing and speeds as soon as the course is set.

Reviewing alpine ski times using Protern

Get insights on the hill, lift or lodge.

We designed Protern to get data fast from the sensors to the cloud for analysis. Sync on the hill using our iOS or Android apps, or upload via USB, your choice.

Transfers are fast so they will work in Ushuaia or Zermatt.

Level Up Your Video Analysis

Data-enhanced video from any camera

Merge your Protern data with video and your visuals will rival a FIS World Cup broadcast.

Whether you use video camera, iPad or phone, you can easily add speed, real-time comparisons and athlete information right on your video. 

Enhanced video analysis alpine skiing

Works when you need it

Timing accuracy of 0.04s

The Protern.io Sensor uses high accuracy GPS to record your training. You can use Protern.io alongside or instead of optical timing.  Simply turn on the sensors and collect data.

Pair your sensor to your phone for easy syncing using our Protern.io Sync App available for iOS and Android. 

Explore Protern.io for alpine skiing

A tool for individual athletes and teams of all sizes, levels and ages

Female Alpine Skiing Athlete
Play Video about Diann Roffe talking about Burke Mountain Academy used Protern for a full season with their U14 athletes

Lessons From a Year of Protern

Hear from Diann Roffe, two-time Olympic medalist & Burke Mountain Academy’s Junior Program Director on expanding Protern use school-wide after one year with U14 athletes.


Gain your competitive advantage.

Alpine skiing is a combination of art and science. Protern.io helps with the science by giving you access to more metrics than have ever been available for alpine skiing.

Protern.io makes it easy to explore your data and make comparisons so that you can test theories and try new approaches. Our goal is to help athletes train smarter and improve faster.

Trusted by the world’s best.

Protern.io is built in Canada with insight from alpine skiing and ski cross’s best coaches and athletes. The Protern.io team has spent countless hours on glaciers, in conference rooms and labs testing, refining and helping the world’s best athletes improve.

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