Train smarter.

Improve faster.

Protern.io is for innovative alpine ski coaches who want their skiers to improve faster.

Introducing your new superpower.

Protern.io gives you access to detailed data anywhere on the ski course. You’re no longer limited to one split time.

Use Protern.io to see the gates where time was lost. You can understand how different skiers carry their speed through the run with precision to 0.18 km/h. Access powerful information that until now, has been hidden.

Train smarter.

More time to coach.

Maximize your time on hill. With Protern.io your setup can be done anytime, even the night before. Skiers just turn on their sensors and go. Their data is now being collected, it’s that simple.

To monitor your skiers’ data, build a quantriq in less than 60 seconds. Build one in the gondola, or after your skiers have finished a few runs. Protern.io finds all of their run data. Don’t worry about a missed time.

Engage. Inform. Improve.

Protern.io can stream all your sensor data live to the cloud so you can analyze runs immediately and see what needs to be changed. 

Run data is available within seconds of skiers completing their run. Skiers can experiment with tactics and instantly see the impact.

With Protern.io, you engage and empower your skiers. Simply leave a tablet (with a mobile data connection) at the top so they can analyze their own runs.

Works when you need it.

With a timing accuracy of 0.05s, for most training sessions you can use Protern.io instead of optical timing. No more missed runs, cross communication or cold batteries. Simply turn on the sensors and collect data.

No mobile data connection? No problem. When head in for lunch or are done for the day, download the sensor data for analysis.

Gain your competitive advantage.

Good coaching is a combination of art and science. Protern.io helps with the science by giving you access to more metrics than have ever been available for alpine skiing.

Protern.io makes it easy to explore your data and make comparisons so that you can test theories and try new approaches. Our goal is to help your athletes train smarter and improve faster.

Trusted by the world’s best.

Protern.io is built in Canada with insight from alpine skiing and ski cross’s best coaches and athletes. The Protern.io team has spent countless hours on glaciers, in conference rooms and labs testing, refining and helping the world’s best athletes improve.

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