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Build faster, more engaged athletes

Accelerate the development of your alpine ski team with Protern.io, the alpine skiing training system that drives better ski racing technique for your athletes through nuanced data.

Improvement requires understanding. Protern delivers.

You can only change what you can measure.

Protern.io’s high performance GPS and software records up to 5,000 data points per run, providing coaches and athletes accurate timing and easy-to-understand performance insights at any point on the course. 

Closeup of sensor and gilet

Simply turn on and go

Incorporate Protern’s GPS sensor easily and seamlessly into your alpine skiing training system

  • Sharpen your competitive edge
  • Develop faster, more informed athletes
  • Gain a granular understanding of areas of improvement
  • Spend less time fiddling and more time on the mountain
Coach Dykster
Protern.io is the single best technological advance in Alpine Skiing since the video camera.

Brandon dyksterhouse

Former Coach to Mikaela Shiffrin, and the US Women’s Ski Team

Used by teams of all levels​

Our customers include individual athletes, private coaches, resort clubs and national teams in over 23 countries.

How can Protern help your team?

Hear directly from a U14 coach who used it for a year

Ideal for teams at every level.

Protern is in use by teams and individuals at every level across 23 countries, including Alpine Canada, US Ski and Snowboard, Lara Colturi, Petra Vlhova and Henrik Kristofferson. Protern athletes have landed over 150 World Cup medals and counting.


Francis Royal
“Protern.io has been fantastic! At our camp in Hintertux, we were finding new relevant information, allowing us to provide more objective and accurate feedback to our athletes.”

Francis Royal

Alpine Canada Alpin, Women’s Coach

Objective, clear video analysis.

Level up your video analysis with easy to understand time and speed data. Include splits, real-time comparison to the fastest, or just keep your video simple with speed and acceleration. And it only takes seconds to produce.

Now your athletes can see the exact impact of their tactics and technique.

"We had been overlaying the Protern data on video and it makes our normal video that much more relevant than just a plain video. It adds depth and meaning."

Duane Baird

Banff Alpine Racers FIS Coach

Granular feedback drives improved skill.

Zero in on every meter of the course with over 5,000 data points per run. Engage your athletes with side-by-side run comparisons, pinpoint exactly where they’re lagging behind, and drive greater speed and success.



Golden Team Ceccarelli
Protern.io allows me to plan our daily training with a close focus on the process. It’s not just about analyzing runs, Protern.io speeds up improvement!

Daniela Ceccarelli

Founder and Coach of Golden Team Ceccarelli

More than a timing system

Play Video

Video integration

Step up your video analysis.

Match Protern.io data with video and use its overlaid speed, acceleration, and body positioning data to truly understand and elevate athlete performance.


comparative analysis

Use anywhere. Dominate everywhere.

Protern data is easily analyzed from any phone, allowing you to back up tactical decisions with hard data and sharpen your competitive edge with little extra effort.

Alpine Skiing Tracking Dashboard
ACA Womens team Soelden

Collect race data

Overcome every obstacle.

Compare runs to highlight, down to the meter, where and why athletes are struggling. Eliminate these slowdowns and help them reach their highest potential.

Learn how Protern.io can help your team reach its full potential.

Protern.io outpaces the competition.

Protern.io vs. traditional timing systems

FeaturesProtern.ioOther Timing Systems
Accurate timing
Flexible splits
Live results
Lightweight and small
Enhanced DataSpeed at any point in the course
Mapped line choice
Turn analysis
Distance travelled
AnalysisCompare runs between a single athlete or the whole team
Terrain entry and exit speeds
Graph runs
Filter and group runs by properties
Video integration
Team OverviewHistorical performance
Group of runs based on location, date and athletes
Track training groups remote via cloud

Every team is unique, let us find the package to meet your team's needs.

Protern.io is ideal for teams of all skills and sizes.

Alpine Skiing Racers

Easy to use and affordable.

Protern doesn’t have to cost the club itself anything. With free coach accounts, clubs can ask athletes to buy their own sensors, limiting the impact on the team’s overall budget.


Northstar Teams
“Protern.io helps our athletes improve faster and you can see it in the team’s race results this season. Skiing is an arms race and Protern.io is the ultimate weapon.”

Mark Jarvis

U10-12 Coach, Northstar Teams 

Grow your coaches

Protern.io provides coaches unprecedented visibility into an athlete’s entire run. Coaches and athletes can now objectively measure the impact of different tactics, materials, equipment and techniques. 

World Cup to U10 coaches are using Protern.io to find new ways to help their athletes get faster. 

Schneesport Mittelland-Nordwestschweiz
“Protern.io has helped me develop as a coach and has made my athletes more engaged with their training.

Fredrick Thomas

Coach of the Schneesport Mittelland-Nordwestschweiz alpine ski team

National alpine ski team analyzing results at the Olympics 2022

Integration is seamless and simple.

 As you adopt the new technology, the Protern team will help make the transition as easy as possible, with resources and guidance every step of the way.


“Thanks to Protern.io we have been able to make deep analysis in a very quick, easy and helpful way.”

Fredrik Kinstad

Swedish National Ski Team, Men’s Head Coach

Trusted by the world's best

Trusted by the world's best

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