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On-Hill Data-Enhanced Video Analysis – Introducing the Protern Video App

Alpine skiing video analysis in your pocket

Meet Protern’s latest innovation – the Protern Video mobile app for iOS and Android

Protern is continuing to introduce new products that help alpine ski and snowboard coaches and athletes train smarter and improve faster.

Instant Data-Enhanced Feedback, World-Class Video Analysis on Your Phone

Protern Video puts data-enhanced video right at your fingertips, helping you see what needs to change immediately. Simply record an athlete wearing a Protern Sensor with your phone or tablet, tap on the athlete’s name, and app will automatically overlay the data when it’s available.

The Protern Video app is about helping you make the most of your training time. Now you can access world cup level video analysis, on your phone at the side of the course. No more waiting to get back to the computer, downloading videos, renaming files and carefully watching each recording for things to improve; you can make changes right away for the next run.

Key Features of Protern Video

  1. Super Accurate Timestamps 
    We make sure the time in the video matches up exactly with the data for reliable performance analysis.

  2. No Account Required to Film
    Protern Video lets anyone contribute – parents, athletes, or fans – without needing an account. They record and share the videos with Protern coaches and athletes for simple data integration.

  3. Cold-Weather-Optimized Interface 
    Touchscreens aren’t much fun in the cold, so made an specialized interface that works with one hand and even with gloves.

  4. Optimized Workflow for Coaches
    If you are filming lots of athletes, you don’t want extra steps. Quickly connect athletes and data to videos by simply tapping on the screen after filming.

  5. Effortless Sharing
    Sharing is easy. Protern Video makes it simple to share videos with data for review, working together, or motivation.
Ski Cross coach filming athlete with an iPad

Why Use a Phone or Tablet for Video Analysis?

Chances are you always have a phone with you that is ready to capture everything. The large screens provide fast and detailed feedback on the hill, and they let you easily download data and quickly share videos with athletes.  And, with their performance in the cold improving and the phone’s increasing zoom capabilities, more and more coaches are turning to their phones as their camera of choice. 

Does this mean you’ll never use a video camera again? Probably not. But now, you don’t have to make the choice to do video analysis before you leave the car/hotel/house. You can leave the bulky video camera, and still know you can capture a run or two if the need arises.

In short, Protern Video is helping change how we train. By combining the power of video with data, all on the side the hill, it gives coaches and athletes the ability to make quicker changes. 

Try it out, make your training more efficient, and improve faster with Protern Video.

The app is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, as well as on Google Play for Android phones and tablets.

With the help of ski performance analysis powered by Protern.io, coaches can take their athletes to the next level by providing data-driven insights and personalized training strategies to optimize their performance on the slopes.

Get Protern today from our online store. We ship to anywhere in the world. 

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