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Protern Sync Mobile Apps

Using the Protern Sync iOS and Android mobile apps, you can sync your Protern.io Sensors after every run so that you can train smarter and improve faster.

Other Downloads

Protern Clock: LTC Generator

Protern Clock: LTC Generator iOS app inserts an LTC timecode via the microphone input on your camera. 

You will need a 3.5mm audio cable, and possibly an adapter for your iPhone or iPad, to connect to your camera’s microphone input. The app gets its time from highly accurate Internet connected time servers located around the world.

What is LTC? 

LTC, or Linear Timecode, is an audio timecode that certain software can decode to understand exactly when the video was recorded. This allows for accurate and simple video to data syncing.

Files for video integration

You can use a variety of tools to integrate your Protern.io data into video. Below are some template files to make it easier to get started. Visit our support site to learn more about how to put your Protern.io data onto video.

Telemetry Overlay Patterns 

Telemetry Overlay can process Protern.io run data automatically. Included below are pre-made patterns to cleanly display data from Protern.io. 

Dartfish Files

Dartfish is one of the most powerful sport video analysis tools available. Below is a pre-made template file to include your Protern.io speed data, as well as instructions for embedding the data into your video

Learn more how to use Dartfish with Protern.io data on our support site.

Protern.io Sensor Files

Visit our support site to learn more about how to update your Protern.io Sensors.

Protern.io Sensor Updater

Update your Protern.io Sensors using a PC or Mac.

Protern.io Sensor Firmware

Latest versions of the Protern.io Sensor Firmware.

Note the firmware file must remain zipped. Safari users, please uncheck “Open safe files after downloading” in the Safari preferences, or use another browser like Chrome.

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