Get Started with is designed to be scalable and can accommodate the needs of a single athlete or a large team. Based on a subscription model you choose how many subscriptions you need and if you would like to be billed monthly or save with annual billing.

For corporate accounts or  large teams contact our sales team for account setup. 

Choose your subscription

Each athlete requires their own subscription to track their data.  If you are a coach you will need your own account in order to customize reports, view and compare your athlete’s data. 

To begin, simply set up an account by choosing monthly or annual. During signup you can add additional accounts, or add them after you have signed up. 



For corporate accounts or  large teams contact our sales team for account setup. 

Order your hardware

The Sensor is a high-speed, high-accuracy GPS sensor that records accurate time and speed data 10 times a second. It weighs only 35 grams and lasts 7 hours on a single charge. The Sensor stores or streams the data directly to the cloud via a mobile phone.

Based on your team and the number of athletes training simultaneously you choose how many Sensors you need. We recommend one Sensor per athlete. Sensor


Our gilet is custom designed with a small, secure pocket high on the back to hold the Sensor securely while the athlete is skiing. Custom Gilet

Ready to get started?

For corporate clients or  large teams contact our sales team for account setup. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many accounts do I need?

Each athlete requires their own account in order to track their data. In addition, in the case of a team, we recommend at least one coach account to provide comparison and overview of all athletes.  Example- a team with 12 athletes would purchase 12 sensors and 13 subscriptions.

When does my billing my start and how does it work?

For annual subscriptions, the credit card supplied will be charged the full amount when your order is placed and will include 5 days free. For monthly subscriptions, your credit card will be automatically charged when you place your order and monthly thereafter on your renewal date which includes 5 days free. The purchase of sensors and accessories are charged in full at the time of order. 

What about the sensor? Do I own it?

The sensor(s) cost is charged in full at the time of purchase and is owned by you. The sensor cannot be returned.

How will I know how to set up my account and use my sensor?

Once you sign up we provide onboarding training to set up your accounts to ensure you are ready to go as soon as your sensors arrive. Our support desk is also available through a link in your account dashboard.

Do I need a sensor for every athlete?

We recommend a sensor for each athlete, but we also are committed to making great insights and coaching tools available to all teams. We have designed the software so that the sensor is not tied to any one athlete account. The maximum number of athletes you can track in one training session is based on the number of sensors you own. 

What if I need to cancel an account?

Yearly subscriptions must be cancelled 2 days in advance of the annual renewal date but don’t worry we will send you a reminder! Monthly accounts can be cancelled at any time and the cancellation will become effective after your renewal date.