All you need is a Protern.io Sensor and Account 

New to Protern.io and want to save 20%? Check out our Starter Packs.

For corporate accounts or large teams contact our sales team for account setup. 


Protern.io Sensor

$USD 349
One time purchase
  • One time purchase
  • Designed for alpine skiing

Protern.io Account

$USD 29
  • $348 Billed annually
  • Link with other athletes and coaches

Get a Starter Pack and Save 20%

We designed the Starter Packs for athletes and teams just getting started with Protern.io. Get everything you need in one package, plus you save 20% off buying the items individually. 

Athlete Starter Pack

For a single athlete
USD$ 399
  • 3 Month Athlete Account x 1
  • Link to existing Coach Account
  • Protern.io Sensor x 1
  • Protern.io Gilet x 1

Team Starter Pack

For smaller teams or those new to Protern.io
USD$ 899
  • 3 Month Athlete Account x 2
  • 3 Month Coach Account x 1
  • Protern.io Sensor x 2
  • Protern.io Gilet x 2

Team Training Pack

For teams ready to expand to more athletes
USD$ 2,899
  • 3 Month Athlete Account x 7
  • 3 Month Coach Account x 1
  • Protern.io Sensor x 7
  • Protern.io Gilet x 7

Large teams and corporate accounts

If you are large team or corporate account, please contact our sales team for account setup.

Shop for Sensors and Accessories

The Protern.io Store is the source for all Protern.io Sensors, Gilets and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many accounts do I need?

If you are single athlete, then just one account is needed.

If you are team, we recommend at least one account for the coach and an account for every athlete. For example, a team of 12 athletes would need 13 accounts.

How many sensors do I need?

We recommend a sensor for each athlete, but we also are committed to making great insights and coaching tools available to all teams. We have designed the software so that the sensor is not tied to any one athlete account.

The maximum number of athletes you can track in one training session is based on the number of sensors you own.

Do you offer volume discounts?

If you are a large team, please contact sales.

Where do you ship?

We ship sensors anywhere in the world! Just go to the Protern.io Store to order you Protern.io Sensors and accessories. 

Can I pause/cancel my account?

Annual subscriptions must be cancelled in advance of the annual renewal date.

Monthly accounts can be cancelled at any time and the cancellation will become effective after your renewal date.

What is the difference between coach and athlete accounts?

Coach and athlete accounts are essentially the same. The only difference is that the coaches have the ability to see all their athlete’s data and make quantriqs for their athletes.

Both accounts are priced the same.

I'm an athlete/coach, how do I connect my Protern.io account to my coach/athlete?

If you are an athlete or coach and want to connect your account to another Protern.io user, please contact support@protern.io.