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Using Protern.io

Accurate timing. Indepth insights.

Instrument the skier, not the run.

At the push of a button the high-speed, high-accuracy Protern.io Sensor starts collecting data. Weighing less than 35 grams, placed on the back of the skier, data collection including location and speed is recorded up to 10 times per second.

Our custom designed gilet easily fits over their ski suit or chest protector and allows the athlete to secure the sensor in a small pocket high on their back. Small, light they won’t even know it is there.I

Precise Timing

Engineered and tested in Switzerland for the demands of alpine ski racing, Protern.io’s timing precision is within 0.05s.

Granular data, deeper analysis. Fused sensor data and proprietary algorithms give access to high value metrics.

Stream or store, our cloud based software lets you choose.

Within a minute of being turned on and outside, your sensor begins to gather data.  You can live stream the data to the cloud via a phone or simply store the data on the sensor and upload using your laptop at the end of the run, lunchtime or the end of the day.

Access all your information at any time, the data is never gone, it lives in the cloud and can be accessed via your Protern.io subscription at any time.

Meet your superpower.

Too much information can be worse than not enough. With Protern.io you can easily search athlete performance data for the insights you need. We call these searches quantriqs.

With a quantriq you can:

Build a quantriq.

In three easy steps you can access information that will allow you to assess runs, refine tactics and improve faster.

Set the course.

You can set the start, finish and unlimited number of splits by simply clicking on the map. Use an existing run for reference, or ski the run yourself with a Protern.io Sensor to mark key features, gates or terrain.

Protern.io gives you insight into each area of the course.  Gone are the days of a single split time.

Pick the athletes.

Build a quantriq for just yourself, or you can compare multiple athletes. As a coach you can simply select which of your athletes you want to include in the search. If they ski the course, Protern.io will see the data and include their run in the quantriq.

Define the period

Tell Protern.io over what period you want it to search. Build a quantriq to look at today’s data, or last week’s training camp. You can even have a quantriq watch data all season to track long term performance gains.  

Engage. Inform. Improve.

The quickest way to improve is to get and apply feedback immediately.

Coaches can watch a skier’s data live as it is streamed in real-time using the Protern.io mobile app and an Internet-connected Android phone.

Training is costly, make the most of your time on the hill.

Build a quantriq for the run, and your skiers’ data will be available within 2 seconds of the skier crossing the line.

While on the chairlift, Protern.io’s clean interface, filters and data visualizations let you quickly find insights so that you can adjust in time for the next run.

No Pressure. Set your quantriq up now or later.

We know you may be busy and want to analyze runs later.  No problem you can set up your quantriq whenever you want. You can even build a quick quantriq on the hill and modify it later in the day. Your data and course marking are always there and accessible via your Protern.io dashboard. Save as many as you like.

No Internet connection? No problem. Protern.io still tracks training runs or races and will sync next time you connect to the internet.


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