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Enhance your video analysis.

Make your alpine skiing video analysis more effective by embedding Protern performance data. Get perfectly synced visual feedback of your runs with minimal effort.

Video + Data = 🚀

Elevate your video analysis with data

Enhanced video analysis, which includes embedded data such as speed and acceleration, is more powerful and objective.

Athletes can clearly see the impact of their tactics and coaches can more easily communicate complex concepts.

Film With Any Camera

Whether you are using a JVC Camcorder, GoPro, or an iPhone, you can embed your Protern data into the video for deeper analysis.

Upgrade your camera with the Protern Clock iOS app or dedicated Dish device and record your video with an LTC timecode for the most accurate video to data syncing. 

Alpine skiing video analysis example Protern data

Information Where You Need It

Bring the power of Protern’s unlimited virtual splits to video.

One download from Protern includes all the athletes’ training runs, speed, acceleration, split and timing information.

Merging the data into video with an LTC signal takes less than 30 seconds and is accurate up to 0.01s.

Get Protern and Upgrade Your Video Analysis

Henrik Kristoffersen Comparing Enhanced Video using VideoLoupe

Analyze With the Video Software You Know

Like the simplicity of Quicktime for your video analysis? Or do you analyze angles with Dartfish or Kinovea? 

Once you have embedded your Protern data into the video, you can use whatever tools you want to analyze your video. 

Protern gives you the flexibility to use the best-in-class tools that you are already familiar with.

Hotel WiFi? No Problem

Merge data without uploading gigabytes of video.

All the merging to video is done on your computer and you can use your favourite video player to do your analysis.

To merge your data with video, only need to download your Protern run data. At 60kB for one run, or 1MB for 60 runs, even a hotel’s marginal WiFi can manage.

How To Enhance Your Video

In three easy steps you can use your Protern data to enhance your video analysis and improve faster.

Film the Run and Record Your Data

Using any type of camera, film the athletes while they are wearing their Protern sensor.

For faster and more accurate data to video linking, upgrade your camera by using the Protern Clock iOS app or the dedicated Dish device to record your video with a GPS time code.

Telemetry Overlay and Protern Data Video linking

Merge Your Data Into Video

You can use a variety of programs to merge your downloaded Protern data into video. Telemetry Overlay, for Mac or PC, is our favourite. 

Manually line up the start of your data with the video, or if you are using GPS time-coded video, Telemetry Overlay will automatically link the two for you.

Analyze Your Video

Now that your data is embedded right into your video, you can analyze and share the video like would normally.

This includes sending it over WhatsApp, uploading to Google Drive, or keep it on your computer.

Dartfish Analyze Alpine Skiing

Take ownership of your training with Protern.

Software to Add Metrics to Video

Telemetry Overlay and Dartfish are two powerful programs that support Protern data out-of-the-box.

Telemetry Overlay

Free Trial; $149 USD - For PC and MAc

Telemetry Overlay’s sole purpose is linking data with video.

Designed initially for extracting GoPro telemetry data (i.e. speed, acceleration, etc), it now supports Protern data as well as many other formats. The program is simple to use, cost-effective and lets you apply a number of different visualizations.

Dartfish Pro S

Free Trial; $165/Month - For PC Only

Dartfish is considered the world’s best video analysis software for sport.

It is used by more national and professional sport organizations than any other video tool. The software supports Protern alpine skiing data and lets you do a number of advanced analysis functions like superimposing one video over an other.

FAQ About Enhanced Video

What do I need to get in order to do enhanced video analysis?

You will need three things:

  1. Protern
  2. Camera
  3. Telemetry Overlay or Dartfish Pro S

For your camera, if it has a microphone port, then you can download Protern Clock for iOS or buy a Dish device. This will create a UTC timecode that Telemetry Overlay and Dartfish Pro S can use to accurately link to data.

For a more detailed list, click here.

Can I use my phone's camera and add metrics to the video?

Yes, although you will have to manually link the video to the data.

>>> How to manually link data to video using Telemetry Overlay

What is the difference between Protern Clock iOS App and Dish?

Protern Clock for iOS is a cost effective way to generate an audio timecode called LTC. 

  • Pros: Immediately available from the app store; Cost effective
  • Cons: Does not record run commentary; iPhone will likely need a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter

Dish has a single purpose – generate an LTC time code. It can be left attached to the camera and doesn’t require the camera operator to use their phone.

  • Pros: Turn it on and forget about it; Onboard microphone records run commentary on the right audio channel
  • Cons: Expensive
What is a shoe mount?

Dish can attach to your camera’s shoe mount. This where you would attach a flash or other camera accessory. You camera does not require it, it just is a convenient place to fasten the Dish.

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