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Upgrade Your Camera for Fast Video to Data Syncing

Add an audio Linear Timecode (LTC) to your video for fast, accurate and simple video to data syncing.

Fast and Simple Syncing

Enhance your video with data

Video that includes a Universal Coordinate Time (UTC) timecode lets software like Dartfish and Telemetry Overlay know exactly when the video was recorded.

This enables the software to accurately link the timecoded data from Protern with the start of the video.

Enhanced video analysis alpine skiing

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Microphone Input on Your Video Camera? 👍

Video cameras with a microphone input can record an audio Linear Timecode (LTC). 

The LTC timecode enables software like Telemetry Overlay or Dartfish Pro S to know exactly when the video starts for simple and accurate data syncing.

You can use the Protern Clock iOS app or a Dish device to generate the LTC for your camera.

Video camera with microphone port

GoPros, Insta360 or DJI action cameras

GPS enabled action cameras are good to go.

Most action cameras have a built-in GPS that will record the UTC time of the video. Telemetry Overlay can read the time code from GoPro, Insta360 and DJI cameras to accurately sync with your data*.


* Dartfish currently does not support time codes from GPS enabled cameras.

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Timecode Generators 

Protern has two options to generate an Linear Timecode (LTC): Protern Clock iOS App and Dish. Both options will require a camera with an microphone port.

Protern Clock iOS App

$9.99 USD on the App Store

Protern developed the first iOS app that generates an accurate audio UTC time-code for your camera.

Protern Clock is best for those who want to get going with UTC time-coded video quickly and want a more cost-effective option.

Protern Clock: LTC Generator iOS App

Dish Device

$429.99 USD on the Protern Store

Dish is a dedicated device for your camera that was designed for the film and television industry. It produces an audio UTC time-code using the atomic clocks from GPS satellites. Dish also has an external microphone to record run commentary.

Dish is best for those who want a no-fuss device connected to their camera that’s ready to use at any point. 

Using a Camera on a Phone, or One With No Microphone Input?

Don’t worry, you can still merge your data.

To merge your Protern data with video, you will need to use Telemetry Overlay or Dartfish to manually line up the start of your data with a known location in the video. This could be a specific gate, start, or finish. 

In Protern you can make a quantriq specifically for video analysis, by setting the start of the quantriq at a specific location, such as a gate.

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FAQ About Enhanced Video

What do I need to get in order to do enhanced video analysis?

You will need three things:

  1. Protern
  2. Camera
  3. Telemetry Overlay or Dartfish Pro S

For your camera, if it has a microphone port, then you can download Protern Clock for iOS or buy a Dish device. This will create a UTC timecode that Telemetry Overlay and Dartfish Pro S can use to accurately link to data.

Can I use my phone's camera and add metrics to the video?

Yes, although you will have to manually link the video to the data.

>>> How to manually link data to video using Telemetry Overlay

What is the difference between Protern Clock iOS App and Dish?

Protern Clock for iOS is a cost effective way to generate an audio timecode called LTC. 

  • Pros: Immediately available from the app store; Cost effective
  • Cons: Does not record run commentary; iPhone will likely need a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter

Dish has a single purpose – generate an LTC time code. It can be left attached to the camera and doesn’t require the camera operator to use their phone.

  • Pros: Turn it on and forget about it; Onboard microphone records run commentary on the right audio channel
  • Cons: Expensive
What is a shoe mount?

Dish can attach to your camera’s shoe mount. This where you would attach a flash or other camera accessory. You camera does not require it, it just is a convenient place to fasten the Dish.

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