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Start split location and the impact on timing accuracy

One of the biggest benefits of Protern.io is that you can look at your data in different ways.  With the same sensor data you can build a one, two, or twenty quantriqs that all focus on different sections of a run.

In the case where the start split is too close to the actual start, it takes only 20 seconds to edit the quantriq and reposition the start. You can do this on your iPhone, Android, tablet, or computer. Any device with a browser will work.

Protern start gate location placement

Same sensor data, different quantriq 

The location of the first Protern.io split can have a significant impact on the timing accuracy such as for alpine skiing timing.

The first split should be placed around 2.5 meters/8 feet from the actual start. This gives the sensor’s error correction algorithms enough time understand the skier is moving.

The example below uses data from over 100 runs on a 300 meter (1,000 feet) straight course (i.e. no turns).

Data looks funny? Review your quantriq

The most common cause for odd looking run data is a start position that is too close to the actual start. 

Editing your quantriq and moving the start a little be lower down the course often gives you more accurate time data for the rest of the course.

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