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Sync Protern.io Sensors wirelessly on the hill

Protern Sync Android App

Introducing Protern Sync, the Android app that can wirelessly sync your Protern.io Sensors on the hill. (iOS version is coming in the new year.)

Make your alpine ski training more efficient by getting detailed run data on the hill. No longer do you need to wait until after the training to upload and analyze the data. 

All Protern.io Sensors are compatible with the Protern Sync app. Sensors bought before October 15, 2020 can be upgraded for free. Protern.io Sensor upgrade instructions can be found on Protern.io Support.

Protern Sync selecting athletes and sensors

One phone can sync an entire team

Protern Sync was designed to work for alpine ski teams. One Android phone can sync an unlimited number of Protern.io sensors. 

Adding athletes and their sensors (e.g. skiing sensors) is easy and can be done the night before the training, because we know coaches have enough going on in the morning. 

Protern Sync app syncing a sensor

Optimized for fast and easy use

Immediately after a run, a skier can use the team phone to sync their sensor. In 15 seconds (for 15 minutes of data) a skier’s run data is downloaded from their sensor and is available on Protern.io for analysis. 

If there is a group of skiers near the phone, the Protern Sync app can sync all the sensors at once. 

Protern on an iPhone

Analyze runs anywhere, on any device – iPhone, Android, tablet or computer

Quantriqs can still be made and viewed still using any device that has a web browser. 

The Protern Sync Android app is just used to download the sensor data and send it to Protern.io. All times, comparing runs, looking at entry and exit speeds can be done with any phone, tablet or computer.

For faster improvement, athletes can analyze their run on the chairlift while it is still fresh in their minds. 

Remote coaches can view the run data on their computer as soon as it is uploaded and talk to their athletes while they go up the lift.

To learn how to use the app, visit the Protern.io Support Centre for video walk-throughs and detailed instructions.

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