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Announcing Protern.io – Ski faster

This week we launched Protern.io. Protern.io is a new platform for innovative alpine ski coaches who want their skiers to get faster.

Our software and Swiss-made sensor provide more granular data and deeper analysis than anything else on the market. We deliver far beyond what you can get with optical timing equipment.

We’ve made Protern.io easy to use. Put on the sensor, connect it to our mobile app and you’re ready to go. Real-time speed and location are reported to coaches on a tablet. You can also upload your data to Protern.io later.

Quantriq detailed view. Compare athlete runs and instantly know what to change.

See the future, now

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll tell you more about Protern.io.

We’ll dig into tips and tales from the alpine teams that are using our platform, as well as share product updates.

Protern.io is available today. Get Started.

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